3 of the Biggest Benefits of the Managed IT Model

IT can be a tricky concept to the business owner, and we all know how touchy technology can be at times. It can be working one minute, then completely incapacitated the next. This unpredictability is one reason why the concept of help desk support was created. It’s an important way to assist individuals when they need help most.

Some businesses have an internal help desk team, but these often double as an internal IT staff that has other pressing matters at hand. Due to this, basic troubleshooting services might not immediately be available to the average employee. This can put a damper on productivity, especially when the problem prevents the end user from accessing their workstation or mission-critical applications, which could lead to high levels of frustration.


Cenetric realizes that when you have a problem, it needs to be resolved as soon as possible. This is why we offer outsourced help desk services for small and medium-sized businesses like yourself. Here are three benefits of Cenetric’s managed help desk support service.

Remote Tech Support
How often have you been on a business trip and your technology starts to act up? One of the most efficient ways of experiencing help desk support is through our remote support solutions. Most of the time, problems with technology can be diagnosed and resolved remotely. These measures allow us to assess your technology problems without an on-site visit. This makes life easier for both parties involved. You get immediate assistance with your problem, while we avoid a time-consuming road trip to your office.

Our Service Never Rests
You’ve undoubtedly experienced technical issues, but what happens when you can’t get a hold of tech support? You’re left with lackluster technology and no way in which to get it working again. If this happens, it could have a negative effect on productivity.


We know that nothing is more important than IT issues which are preventing your team from functioning at maximum efficiency. If your IT staff is bogged down by their daily duties, we’re always available to assist inexperienced and seasoned technology users alike.

No Unexpected Bills
If you’re using standard technology support, they likely charge by the hour. This means that businesses which experience a lot of tech troubles will quickly accrue a hefty bill that doesn’t necessarily reflect resolved issues. Most technology support hotlines will try to milk your team for all they’re worth when they have a technology issue. Instead of concentrating on helping your team fix problems and ensure they don’t happen again, these technology companies typically hold a break-fix business model.

Cenetric practices the exact opposite business model. In our eyes, there’s a mutual benefit to having your technology problems fixed the first time. You get the reassurance that the problem won’t come back stronger than ever, and we gain the satisfaction that we’re providing the best service possible for our clients. We pride ourselves in our work ethic, and as long as you’re succeeding in your business endeavor, so are we.

Quality help desk support doesn’t have to be difficult to find. Call Cenetric at 913.210.1950 today to find out more about remote tech support and our other managed IT services.

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