4 Reasons You Need Instant Messaging

In an age of technology, email, text messaging and meeting requests have taken over day-to-day communication. Efficiency is key to tackling our ever-mounting workload. Finding new ways to introduce efficiency may seem like a daunting task, but a simple changeover to an internal instant messaging program may be the change you’re seeking, with little time or financial investment. Here are 4¬†reasons you need instant messaging today.

Saving Office Cross-Traffic

Traditionally, if you need an immediate answer from a co-worker or need them to review a document, you will walk to their desk to ask. Along the way, you introduce the possibility of distracting additional (non-involved) parties by your cross-office journey. You may even be tempted to stop and talk to another co-worker on your way back to your desk, decreasing efficiency even further. A simple question posed over instant message can save time and get you back to work on your project without additional distractions for both you and your co-workers.

Reducing Email Clutter

As emails pile up throughout the day, you accumulate more items to read and file. Instant messaging provides a simple, alternate means of communication without the overhead of handling an incoming and outgoing email. This provides an easy, often much-needed boost in efficiency.

Collaborate with an Impromptu Meeting

If your office has employees in multiple locations or if you work with a coworker in a remote office, you may need to collaborate on a project. Instant messaging allows you to pull everyone into one spot to communicate without the need to setup and coordinate a conference call. Built-in applications such as virtual whiteboards and screen sharing allow you to interact with documents or draw out an idea and engage all of the messaging participants.

Improve Multitasking

Often, questions arise during the course of a phone call. If you are on the phone with a customer and need a question answered, you can place that caller on hold and walk to your co-worker’s desk for an answer — or, you can send an instant message and let the customer know you are waiting on a response while you update your notes or provide additional information to them. The time you wait for a response can even be used for relationship building with your customer! This not only increases efficiency, but also increases your customer interaction and in-turn, your customer loyalty.

There are several instant messaging applications on the market. Several have bundle offers with software you may already own. There are also free versions available. For more information on instant messaging programs or how they may benefit your organization, please contact Cenetric.

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