3 Videos of People Testing Windows 8

Windows 8 has been out for several months now and utilized by many. You may have even used it yourself. If you haven’t or if you’d like more information on Windows 8, here are some videos of real people testing it out for the first time in commonly used ways.

How Real People Use Windows 8

This is a video you may have already seen. It started the trend of posting user guides and self-made videos of individuals testing Windows 8 for the first time. Internet Entrepreneur, Chris Pirillo,  had his father test out Windows 8 and give live feedback. There are some interface struggles and highlights the very common issue of switching between the old and new interfaces.

Short Demo of Windows 8 Preview

This video is good for highlighting key differences you’ll encounter in Windows 8. It is off of the initial consumer preview, so some features have been modified or added since then. This video is short, but contains a lot of valuable information.

Ipad vs. Windows 8 Tablet

Do you own an iPad? Are you evaluating tablets for your business? If you are interested in a side-by-side comparison of IOS vs. Windows 8, this is the video for you.


We hope this answers some of your Windows 8 questions. As always, if there is a specific question we can answer for you, email us directly at info@cenetric.com.


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