Still Using Windows XP?

You’re probably very comfortable with whatever version of Windows you’re using.  Once you’ve come to know and love your operating system, you might fear upgrading to a different version.   If you’re using Windows XP, you’ve probably become comfortable with it and are hesitant to change.  Here are a few good reasons to upgrade from Windows XP.

1. Better Applications!

This is a huge one.  Most of the programs that are being written by Microsoft, from games to utilities, are being written for the Vista/Windows 7 platform.   Upgrading your computer system will give you access to all the cool stuff you wish you had on your computer.

2.   Microsoft Support

You can no longer get free support from Microsoft for Windows XP.  If you need help, you’ll be shelling out some cash.  The only fixes you can get for free are security patches, and in a couple of years those will no longer be available.  All support for Windows XP is scheduled to end in 2014. 

3.  Security

Viruses are a big issues on Windows XP, though it is far more secure than it was. However, it’s still not as secure as Windows 7 or even Mac OS X Lion. If security is one of your top priorities — and it should be — think seriously about ditching XP for something new.

4. Upgrading is Not That Hard

The biggest hurdle that many people face when changing their Operating system would have to be their files. If you have a wealth of information on the computer it is highly advised that you backup all of your personal information on an external hard drive. Windows 7 does make a portion of this easy by allowing direct installation on top of the previous Windows installation, however programs like Microsoft Outlook or QuickBooks would need to have had been backed up manually. If you have taken all the appropriate measures, then you should be comfortable knowing that transitioning to Windows shall be a relatively harmless one.


Through Windows XP Mode, you can use XP and still get the benefits of Windows 7.   Windows XP Mode is one of the neatest things about Windows 7.   It allows you to run Windows XP in a virtual environment; the old XP programs think they’re on an XP computer, and work as normal. You don’t have to give up the things you love about Windows XP to get the many benefits of Windows 7, so don’t be afraid, and upgrade to a better OS!

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