View Two Windows At Once Using Smart Window

Do you ever find yourself working in two windows at once, constantly toggling between them, wishing you had two screens to work with?  It’s a small inconvenience that can be bypassed easily with Smart Window.  Smart Window, also called Snap, allows you to view two windows right next to each other in Windows 7, without having to re-size either window, as seen in the image below.

These simple steps will allow you to utilize this feature:

  • Click and Drag on the top title bar of the first window so your mouse pointer hits either the left or right side of your screen. Let go of the window when you see the outline of the window re-size to ½ of the screen.
  • Choose the other window you wish to view on the side of the first window. Click and Drag the 2nd window to the opposite side of the screen until the mouse pointer hits the side of the screen and resizes to the other ½ of the screen.

You can also access this feature by using the following keyboard shortcuts:

  • Push Windows key + right arrow key to resize the current window to take up the right half of the screen.
  • Push Windows key + left arrow key to resize the  current window to take up the left half of the screen.

You can exit this view by following any one of the below steps:

  • Click and drag the window so the mouse pointer hits the top of the screen and let go.  This will put the window back to regular size.
  • If you just want to view one of the minimized windows that was in side by side view, click and, while holding the mouse button down, shake the window you wish to view. It will minimize all other widows to the Taskbar.  To reopen windows that were minimized by this step, click and shake the window you are using again, and they will re-appear.
  • Press Windows key + up arrow key or Windows key + down arrow key.   The up arrow will maximize the screen; the down arrow will put the screen to minimize.

This is an excellent feature to make your Windows workspace more accessible and user-friendly.  Having your workspace open and ready can save you a lot of time, and often confusion.  Enjoy the new view!

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