10 Keyboard Shortcuts Everyone Should Know

We are always looking for ways to optimize our level of efficiency.  Whether you are a novice or experienced in the ways of PC use, here a ten keyboard shortcuts that are sure to make your life and work, easier.

1. Ctrl+C copies text from your screen onto your keyboard.

2. Ctrl+X cuts text from any document you are working on and places it on your keyboard.

3. Ctrl+V pastes text from the clipboard into whatever document you are building.

4. Ctrl+A allows you to select all the items in your current window.

5. Ctrl+Z is your shortcut to the UNDO button!!!

6. Alt+Print Scrn allows you to save and print whatever you are currently viewing on your computer screen.

7. Ctrl+Esc takes you to the start window.

8. Alt+Tab allows you to shift between tabs on your taskbar.

9. Ctrl+Alt+Del will bring up a list of all the programs your computer is currently running.

10. F1 automatically brings up the help/troubleshooting pane.

Once these shortcuts are memorized and learned, they will save you a ton of time while you’re working at your PC.  Happy computing!

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