The Wonderful World of Windows 8

The newest version of Windows is now available to the public as a free download, bringing many changes to the Windows world.  The newest version can be installed directly from the website, which can be accessed by clicking here.  Complete with a new design called Metro, Windows is revamping its OS to become friendly with not only laptops and PCs, but hand-held devices such as smart phones and tablets.  Microsoft is working hard to prove that you can have one single operating system on every machine you own, from your smart phone to your PC.

The new design for Windows 8 is sleek, intelligent, and easy to use.  It is quite different from Windows 7, but once it is learned, it is very user-friendly.  It represents the future of Windows on hand-held electronics, and allows for the same device-synching opportunities of Mac and Android.  The user interface is extremely well-thought out, and fun to use.  It comes equipped with a Start screen as opposed to the traditional Start menu common to previous versions of Windows.  It is customizable, efficient, and well-integrated.

Aside from the design itself, there aren’t a ton of new features to Windows 8.  One of the highlights is Windows To Go, which allows you to carry Windows 8, along with your programs and files, on a flash drive or external hard-drive.  It’s is a much more secure and cheaper arrangement for businesses especially, as it bypasses issues of file misappropriation and eliminates the need to buy employees personal laptops.

Windows 8 is mobile and touch-friendly, and represents a level of future integration that could take cloud computing to a whole new level.  It is incredibly responsive and fast, and as more Microsoft products become available it may represent a shift in favored operating systems.  Data from address books, photos, calendars, music—even user preferences—are synched to the cloud and accessible via your Microsoft Live account, which means it can be accessed by any Widows 8-powered device, potentially even your Xbox 360 (pending dashboard upgrades).  It also allows for synching settings from one PC to another, which could make PC purchases much less painless in the future.

Windows 8 is a very promising start to Microsoft’s future in the touch-device world.  It offers other benefits as well, for people longing to integrating their hand-held devices with their PCs and laptops using one operating system.  On top of that, it has the added bonus of letting you transfer your personal settings, such as apps and screen layout, between devices, giving you stewardship of your own interface wherever you go.  It is a completely new and very exciting way for you to interact with technology.

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