Our World Changing with the Tablet

The rapidly evolving world of technology has changed the way we do business. Not long ago we used to have to use a manual press to make an imprint of credit cards so that you can purchase something? Now thank to wireless Internet and tablets, we can easily run a credit card purchase virtually anywhere in the world.

Tablets have changed a lot more than our purchasing ease and mobility. Many people have fundamentally changed their businesses as a result of tablets. The following companies use tablets in such interesting and innovative ways it may surprise you.

At De Santos, a high-end Italian restaurant in New York City’s West Village, the members of the wait staff use iPads to take orders and swipe credit cards. The hope is that this will streamline the ordering process reducing mistakes.

Puma stores in Africa, Asia and Europe have installed iPad stations called The Creative Factory. At these stations customers can design sneakers and see other designs around from people around the globe and also read about the other creators. Puma seeks to connect the world with active footwear.

You will find no storefront or store clerks at SHOPBOX, an addition to the DeKalb Market in Brooklyn. You will, however, find items for sale in shipping containers with glass sides. On the end of the container an iPad is attached for shoppers to register and then text what they wish to purchase. The products are shipped straight to their homes. How’s that for window-shopping!

As tablet technology improves more innovative uses will be developed. It’s not unthinkable to imagine having a wait staff may be obsolete in the future or that future generations have no use for a mall. Change is the nature of the world and it seems the more advanced we become, the faster things change. So let’s sit back and watch things become easier due to technology and one day we might just get those hovercrafts promised in science fiction movies.

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