Are you on the Exchange Upgrade Precipice?

Consider Microsoft Cloud Services:

Microsoft Cloud Services are very simply, Microsoft hosted applications. This concept means you no longer have to run on-premises Exchange, SharePoint, Live Meeting, Communicator and Dynamics. There are some major pluses here for business:

1. Online Services can help streamline communications to boost employee productivity.

Microsoft® Online Services can help improve the productivity of your employees with the Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite—
a selection of hosted communication and collaboration services that have been dialed in for organizations like yours. The suite’s
powerful tools help your employees communicate and collaborate with coworkers, customers, and partners around the world—simply,
effectively, and affordability using advanced security measures and offering high reliability. The suite’s enhanced collaboration tools
provide intuitive, easy ways for employees to share information, files, business processes, calendars, instant messaging (IM), voice,
conferences, and more. The suite is built on proven software platforms to deliver best-in-class communication and collaboration via an
easy-to-use Internet-based service that brings together different modes of communication into a consistent experience—with a single
sign on.

2. Online Services can be deployed rapidly.

The Business Productivity Online Suite can be activated quickly and cost-effectively to give your employees the additional capabilities
of the latest platform while protecting your current IT infrastructure investment. With no additional hardware or software to procure,
configure, or manage, and virtually no up-front investment, the suite provides a simple and direct migration route to enhanced business

3. Online Services can help your IT department contribute greater business value.

By helping to reduce their workload, Online Services can free your IT professionals to focus on strategic initiatives that can help drive
competitive advantage. Online Services typically reduce the need to install and maintain equipment and software on-premises, help
relieve the burden of managing and maintaining business systems, and simplify server management tasks through a single
administrative panel for provisioning, monitoring, and reporting on service activity and usage.

4. Online Services are available through local Microsoft partners.

These local IT experts are in touch with your business and available to assist your IT staff as needed along the way, building a
knowledgeable consulting relationship that can continue to pay business dividends over the long term.

5. Online Services can help improve your financial performance.

The suite can help boost your financial performance in several ways: First, it provides your business the functionality it needs with
virtually no up-front capital investment—enabling you to direct your capital resources for optimal use. Second, the Online Services
subscription model, with its financially backed service level agreement, helps increase the predictability of your monthly IT costs so that
IT leadership can provide more accurate forecasts. Third, by helping employees communicate and collaborate more efficiently online,
you can help remove geography as an impediment to productivity and help decrease unnecessary travel expenses.

6. Online Services can help make your business communication more disaster recoverable.

Microsoft Online Services are hosted on a global network of geo-redundant, tier-one data center network architecture that can facilitate
disaster recovery using advanced security measures and offering high reliability.

7. Online Services provide business-class security.

The suite delivers security-enhanced messaging and data access that enable customers to get messages and shared documents
across encrypted Internet connections.

8. Online Services help increase the availability of business communications.

Because Microsoft hosts its Online Services on a distributed network of geo-redundant data centers using advanced security
technologies and measures that provide 99.9 percent service reliability, Microsoft is able to provide a financially backed service
level agreement.

9. Online Services help defend against threats to your network.

Online Services employ hosted multilayer filtering from Microsoft Exchange Online to help protect your inbound and outbound e-mail from spam, viruses, phishing scams, and e-mail policy violations by minimizing threats to your platform.

10. Online Services can help improve sales-force performance and drive more customer sales.

Microsoft Online Services can help your people spend more time in the field by keeping them in touch with important customers and
critical customer relationship management (CRM) sales and marketing resources. This helps improve communication and collaboration
with customers and among teams.

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